What People Say

My son fell ill to the extent that we were rejected at the Hospitals. When l brought him to this Ministry; after counseling, the Women of God prayed for him; and immediately the servant of God laid hands on my son, he fell under the anointing of God Almighty and since that day, my son has been healed. I give God the Praise!

Mrs. OpeyemiAjayi Lagos, Nigeria.

Last year 2019, l want for interview. And after, l was asked to go for medical check-up which l did and the Doctor told me that my BP was high. For this reason, the company said they cannot employ me due to my health issues. I called theServant of God and explain everything to her. She prayed and prophesied to my life and my BP came to normal. Behold I was employed. Praise God!

Bro. Bob Akpabio Calabar, Nigeria.

I lost my Job for two years and my friend was the one assisting me financially. At a time, he advised that my issue of Joblessness is spiritual and directed me to this Ministry. When I attended the Thursday Programme, the Women of God asked me to join the Deliverance Programme. Exactly one month after my deliverance, I got a job. Glory be to God.

Bro Ochuko Lagos, Nigeria.

My menstrual period stopped since 3years ago, l have been taking medication but still no result. But during the last Prophetic Night Vigil, we were asked to bring a bottle water. As Mama was praying on the bottle water, I told God that if l take the water and my menstrual flow come out; l will testify. To my greater surprise, the following morning l saw my period. Praise the Lord!

Sister Juliet Calabar, Nigeria.